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of a congressional black caucus met with the haitian ambassador yesterday in northwest washington. that meeting was intended to reaffirm the group's commitment to the haitian people and the relief effort on the island nation. >> first of all, remember, when there are tragedies like this all over the world, after a while interest wanes. important thing about haiti is they have got 43 members of congress who will be on this case until haiti is rebuilt. >> reporter: more help is needed in that relief effort. if you would like to help, go to our website at we have links to dozens of relief groups right at the top of the home page. >>> fairfax county is facing a $176 million gap in funding. superintendent dr. jack dale says if the district does not get more money in the state then he will have to make cuts. last night the county announced the possible closure of an alternative high school in order to help with that short fall. >> my fear is what will happen is when we have hundreds of family in the community with no education and statistically it tells us welfare or jail are very high pos
in washington could lead to more changes. it could swing lawmakers ' attention back to jobs and the economy. polls show that is top concern for many voters and a key issue in the election in november. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> former democratic presidential candidate john edwards has admitted that he feared a child outside of his marriage. two years ago edwards admitted to having an affair with a videographer for his presidential campaign. in a statement released this morning, edwards said he will do everything in his power to provide love and support for his daughter. the child turns 2 next month. >>> a former teacher at sidwell friends has been arrested on sex abuse charges involving a male student. 65-year-old robert peterson has been accused of repeatedly inviting a male student to his home, showing him pornography and touching him inappropriately. sidwell announced yesterday that peterson has been fired from the school. sidwell is the same school that president obama's daughters attend. >>> parking meters in the district have gone high-tech and green at the same time. the di
in washington before the day is through. temperatures in he mid-60s and the sunshine right now we could be pushing 70-degrees in the next couple of hours while the rest of the outlook is coming up in a while. >> thank you, devon. >>> the wind is causing problems for utility customer and crews. right now pepco is reporting 1700 customers are affected. northern virginia has nearly 2500 customers without power. our digital correspondent kristin fisher reports from northern virginia on how customers and crews are dealing with it. >> we have seen wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour here in falls church this morning and one of those gusts took down this massive tree. check this out. you can see the tree was completely uprooted and then it fell down around 6:00 a.m. this morning taking down these power lines and then it came crashing down across the street, narrowly missing these two homes. >> we heard a thump on the roof and i thought it was a branch hitting the roof, because they hit all the time and the electricity went out and i went back to sleep until my partner got up and went to work and
unbelievable. however, he is inspired to push on. the haitian embassy here in washington, of course the phones have been ringing off the hook since news of the earthquake broke. haitian americans are calling and trying to get information about loved ones back in haiti. haitian diplomates say they are having a hard time getting information but they are going to try to help anyone with questions about loved ones. >>> we have some good news out of haiti. thanks to a local doctor. dr. irwin of manassas has helped to build a hospital there. and he said that that hospital survived the quake. it is still standing. doctor irwin is mobilizing a team to go to haiti to help those in need. and if you would like to make a charitable donation to the residents of haiti, the federal trade commission is recommending that you check out the charity before you give your money. the better business bureau, charity navigator and the american institute of philanthropy are good resources, and you can visit the national association of state charity officials to see if a specific charity is regulated. we warn you to be
with washington and let's move forward with policies that spark the economy. >> reporter: the poll gives the president high marks for handling terrorist threats. 57% of the people surveyed say they approve of the administration's handling of the failed plane bombing on christmas day. >> he is looking in to everything that has to be done and that's what the president of the united states should be doing. if president obama is going to turn those numbers around, even democrats admit he will have to start with the biggest issue here at home. >> this is not seen as president bush's economy but president obama's economy and he needs to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: that's on the agenda in the days ahead. economists warn unemployment could be at 10% for most of the year. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> we have a developing story from u.s. district court in washington. that's are a grand jury is looking in to to the so-called white house party crashers. irwin gomez, the hotel for mrs. is a hi was expected to testify. he was seen leaving the court this morning. salahi and he
struggling. only 21 right now here in washington. still some teens in hagerstown. fredericksburg 27 with the wind chill a real problem, only 8. we have winter weather advisories to the south, charles county, sane maries county, not sure why calvert isn't in it but it isn't. fredericksburg, culpeper. all of these from 7 a.m. on saturday to 4:00 a.m. on sunday. northern neck and south of that maybe upgraded to warnings. we will see some snow. generally light here in dc. heavier south. i will tell you how much i think we will get when i see you in 14 minutes. >>> we'll get back to you, howard. >>> president obama is counting on tax breaks and other new policies to get americans back to work. he's rolling out his new plan. while he's in baltimore. we're looking at a live picture. while in baltimore, the president will also talk with republican lawmakers who are holding a retreat. it will not be easy, but the president needs the republican support to turn his proposals in to a reality. joel brown is in baltimore. >> reporter: president obama headed for a baltimore factory to roll out mor
union station here in washington d.c.. northbound and southbound trains are delayed because of a fatal accident involving a 14- year-old girl. investigators say that the train struck and killed the girl while she was on her way to school in middle river, baltimore county. at this point we are not sure how long the trains along the northeast corridor will be delayed. but stay tuned to 9 news now and we will have the latest information there >>> president obama has summoned his top advisers to the white house. where he will outline sweeping new security measures at airports. after the foiled christmas day attack on an american jet bound for to detroit. joel brown has more. >> reporter: president obama will announce steps to strengthen airline security. he's called a meeting of his 20 top advisers at the white house to go over the new strategy. he wants to improve terror watch list systems and close information loopholes the the challenge is to make sure agencies are combining data so no one slips through the cracks. >> you always want to be in the business of prevention.
's a report that washington wizards teammate, arenas and another player drew guns on each other and the new york time cites an anonymous sport says it happened when the he became angry on arenas for making good on a gambling debt. >>> sarah foxwell will be laid to rest today. her body was found after she was abducted from her home. police suspect her mother's boyfriend is responsible. he is currently in custody charged with kidnapping. >>> the new year brings in a load of new crimes. police are investigating a homicide in northeast. a man was found shot dead inside of his car shortly before midnight on the 4800 block of north capitol street. apparently he crashed after being shot. police have not identified the victim. >>> also in northeast, officers found a teenager with a gunshot wound in the 200 block of hawaii avenue. emergency crews took 19-year- old emmanuel durant junior to the hospital where he later died. police are offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. >>> in the southeast and southeast washington, a late- night service at the new life
out the door by team staff and ening his 2 year 20 loss odyssey here in washington. red skin's owner daniel schneider issuing a statement reading in part quote no one in the organization is satisfied with our record over the last two years and i am sure that jim would concur with that statement. it has been painful for him, too. i certainly accept responsibility for mistakes that i have made. dan snyder making that confession today. gm bruce allen saying he didn't want to wait one more day to start fixing this franchise for next year and we will hear from him inside redskins park in about 25 minutes. >>> and players have supported publicly jim zorn throughout this entire 4-12 season but really none of them inside of the locker room were surprised that their coach had been fired. players started arriving at the facility just after 9:00 this morning. they are now left with the uncertainty of who will take over this team. and if they will fit into the future coach planes. bruce allen met with the team in a meeting that would last less than 10 minutes and the message was clear. change is
survives a fiery crash in northwest washington this morning. the woman struck a traffic light pole at the intersection of new jersey and q streets northwest. witnesses say that three men, from the neighborhood pulled the woman and a another passenger out of the burning car before emergency crews arrived. the two passengers were transported to the hospital. >>> a new book about the 2008 presidential campaign is causing quite a stir of controversy. whit johnson has the details. >> reporter: comments senate majority leader harry reid made in private have republicans publicly calling for his resignation. in game change, a book about the presidential campaign hitting shelves today, the democrat describes president obama as an appealing candidate because he's "light skinned and has no negro dialect." senator reid apologized for the remarks. republicans see a double standard. >> democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own. but if it comes from anyone else, it is racism. >> reporter: democrats rallied behind reid. >> the presid
steps in to help with that issue. reporting from northwest washington, alex trevino, 9 news now and >>> several of our neighbors are desperately trying to learn information about loved ones in haiti. one of our former 9 news now employees, jean michelle used facebook to get his 77-year-old mother on the phone. >> our house collapsed. she's okay but there's nothing in the house that is salvageable. my uncle is also in the house, he's okay. and i asked what are they going to do? where are they going to sleep tonight? she said she didn't know. >> reporter: his mother was outside when the quake hit. and she told jean, that several people stayed away from buildings in order to survive the aftershock. >>> haiti makes up the western third of the island of espanol. the rest of the island is the dominican republic where residents also felt that quake. television stations in the capital of san toe domain mingo showed radio of the people evacuating buildings as the rumbling started. however, no major damage was reported in that city. >>> our coverage of the earthquake in haiti continues
washington haitian relief committee for the outpouring of donations but organizer says they need more help and they are hoping corporate donations will pitch in. >> we need airplanes to get items down to haiti. we need cargo assistance. so i'm calling specifically to fedex, to u.p.s., companies that have large fleets that can move things. >> reporter: right now, the organization is looking for volunteers to help to sort through the clothing donations. volunteers are encouraged to show up at the old dc general hospital located in the 1900 block of massachusetts avenue southeast at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is also the new location if you want to donate clothing. >>> the baltimore-based u.s. navy ship comfort should arrive in haiti by thursday. it will take patients to a military hospital being set up at guantanamo bay cuba. our scott broom is aboard the comfort and he spoke to doctors about their mission. >> this is from our mission in 2007. >> reporter: for dr. tim dune hue from howard county, maryland haiti is not just another mission. >> it is emotional. >> emotional because he k
coach of the washington redskins. the two-time super bowl winning coach is scheduled to be introduced to fans later this afternoon. but joining us right now from redskins park in ashburn is sarah walsh. >> reporter: good afternoon, jc. mike shanahan arrived here around 11:30 this morning bringing with him a renewed sense of confidence in this organization. every player i've spoken with is overly enthusiastic that better days for this franchise are now ahead. shanahan is set to be introduced in less than two hours. he's getting a five-year, $35 million deal, becoming the 7th head coach under owner dan snyder. the 57-year-old has 15 years of head coaching experience, 14 of those and two super bowl titles were with denver. it's that weighty resume that has players at the park today amped up. >> i'm excited about it. i'm excited about it. this fan base, these -- this organization, i think we needed a guy like mike shanahan night. definitely know what he's done in the past, the championships he's won. denver has been a highly touted team when he's there. i'm looking forward to him doing th
in norfolk, washington. yesterday, the president hit the button to send a twitter message greeting. president obama and the first lady are here visiting our disaster operation center right now. if you need more information on how you can help the relief effort, log on to and click on the banner at the top of our home page. meanwhile, president obama spent part of today in northern virginia. he was asked -- he was at the graham road elementary school in falls church this morning. the president spoke to the students about his program that offers grants based on performance. >> we're going to raise the bar for all of our students and take bigger steps toward closing the achievement gap that denies so many students, especially black and latino students a fair shot at their dreams. >> reporter: the money would come from the stimulus program and go to high-performing schools. >>> we're learning that the fbi reportedly broke the law many times during the prosecution. the "washington post" says between 2002 and 2006 the fbi lied to phone companies to collect thousands of telephone records.
of washington, d.c. investigators have reason to believe that cristopher speight rigged the home with explosives. whit johnson has more on the investigation. 39-year-old cristopher speight surrendered to virginia authorities early this morning without shots being fired. >> it was near the patrol car, or i'm sorry near the crime scene and he actually physically approached law enforcement on the scene. and turned himself in without incident. >> reporter: through the night, police used search dogs and thermal imaging equipment to look for spotlight cristopher speight. they say he fled in to the woods on tuesday after shooting and killing eight people. all of whom authorities believe he knew. the manhunt started after one of the victims was found lying by the side of the road. >> the deputy heard several shots fired when he arrived on the scene. >> reporter: several other body were found outside, three other victims inside. at one point during the case chaste, officials say cristopher speight fired at a police helicopter nearly taking it down. the mass murder sent shock waves through the community
if he wants to keep his party in power. drew levinson, cbs news, washington. >>> we will bring you the president's speech live tonight along with the republican response from virginia governor bob mcdonnell. our coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. here on channel 9. u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner is denying he withheld information about the bailout of aig. he is facing tough criticism from the house oversight committee for decisions that might have cost billions more than necessary. a bailout watch dog says geithner should have demanded concessions from banks when he was president of the new york federal reserve bank. lawmakers are concerned about e- mails that show new york federal officials demanded that the deal be kept secret. >>> we now have the latest information from haiti, the release which -- the relief efforts are struggling. european officials say there is a seven-day backlog of aid flights. nearly 1,000 flights are waiting for permission to get to haiti. the problem is giving the planes space to land and then turning them around. united nations estimates that 2 mil
in washington promising wholesale and immediate change. >> you have to do things right every day. if you do, you have a chance to get better but it is not going to be what we are going to do next year. it is what we are going to do today. how we get better as an organization and that does take a lot of effort from a lot of people. >> reporter: the sign on shanahan's office door has been installed. it says head coach but he has also been named the executive vice president of football operations, meaning he will have final say on all football related matters. and if you are into symbolism, dan snyder was not on the stage for the press conference. he sat in the seats like a fan. but will he they that way? >> i can't talk about what has happened in the past. i do know dan snyder has directed us to please get this team back to the levels where it has been in the past. and i believe he is going to be our most supportive fan. >> reporter: if you are wondering when dan snyder first approached shanahan about being the redskins head coach, it wasn't this past sunday. shanahan confessed it was years ago at
. >>> a washington man has been arrested in connection with two robberies of the same goodwill store. 33-year-old anthony rollin was initially arrested in a domestic assault case. investigators say they uncovered evidence linking him to the november and december robberies of a goodwill on south frederick avenue in gaithersburg. roland has been charged two counts of armed robbery and held in the montgomery county detention center. >>> the friends of the national zoo is hosting a farewell to tai shan party at the end of the month. the 4-year-old giant panda that was born at the zoo is now being sent to china. the good-bye party will be held on january 30th. a zoo spokesperson says the event will be the main public farewell to tai shan. fans will be able to write good- bye cards and experts will be on hand. it is not clear what day tai shan exactly will be leaving. >>> still ahead, on 9 news now at noon, can you hear me now? a proposed cell phone tower in bethesda may run in to interference. we will have details when we come back. >>> and we will show you how elvis fans are marking a milestone.
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